Day by day thousands of electronics designers make use of the BeagleBone platform to develop innovative solutions and products. Transforming these solutions into mass production, is associated with high efforts and expenses. With BeagleCore this is going to change promptly…

Do you love your BeagleBone based prototype and want to find the quickest and easiest way to turn it into a tidy circuit layout? Then BeagleCore is right for you! And best of all: it is 100% Open Source.

  • BeagleBone and lots of cables

    No need for cables.

    Use a custom baseboard instead! © Embecosm Limited –
  • BeagleBone and wiring gone wild

    No more messy wiring…

    Get your own baseboard! © Eliot Phillips –
  • BeagleBone with workarounds to get the right things connected

    No need for workarounds…

    Get the connectors you need! © Adam Ward –
  • BeagleBone and the most interesting display mount ever

    No more tweaks.

    Everything will be embedded. © Koen Kooi –
  • BeagleBone and capes using up a lot of space

    No more space than neccessary.

    Just use the components and modules you need. © csete –

BeagleCore™ – The Movie

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BeagleCore™ Products

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BeagleCore is built upon the Open Hardware Schematics of BeagleBone Black which has been created and published by the Foundation. Just like the BeagleBone Black the BeagleCore is published under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 Licence

FAQ – Questions & Answers

A growing list of frequently asked questions and answers about BeagleCore.

Visit our full FAQ on GitHub.

  • We have created the BeagleCore™ to be as compatible as possible with the BeagleBone Black. One of the key benefits of the BeagleCore™ BCM1 however is, that you can build your own PCB and thus implement features and workarounds not supported by the original BeagleBone Black. The only thing we can therefore refer to is the pinout of the BeagleCore™ BCM1 which shows in detail the features and possibilities of implementing the BeagleCore™ module and the feature-set supported.

  • The BeagleCore™ module and Starter-Kit are being sold through our exclusive distribution partner Conrad Electronics. For larger quantities (i.e. 1000+) you can buy BCM1 and BCS1 at the iesy embedded webshop

  • Shipment of BeagleCore™ BCM1 and BCS1 to the United States of Ameria (USA) can be made solely through Rapid Electronics as part of the Conrad Group.

  • BCM1: The operating temperature range for the module with standard components is 0…60°C (commercial) but optionally you can get an extended temperature range -40…85°C (industrial).

    BCS1: The starter-kit supports an operating temperature range of 0…60°C (commercial).

  • We guarantee a long-term availability (production lifecycle) of BeagleCore BCM1 until December 31, 2023 at minimum.

  • For genuine embedded industrial applications the existing BeagleBoard hardware is not suitable due to several reasons. Currently professional embedded computer-on-module applications use 100% defined and well engineered standards from PICMG (such as COM Express) or SGET (such as Qseven and SMARC). All of this makes the BeagleCore™ an industrial SOM – a system on module approach for the popular BeagleBone Black.

  • Yes. We strongly believe in the power of open source and we heavily rely on open source solutions when it comes to software. So we decided to pay back to the community.


BeagleCore™ is licenced under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA).
We have therefore published a ZIP-file containing all relevant information on footprint, schematics, BOM and many more for BeagleCore™ BCM1 & BCS1.

Check-out on GitHub

Download ZIP-file


  • BeagleCore awarded in »Product of the Year 2017« election

    Product of the Year 2017 - 2nd place in Embedded DesignMeinerzhagen, March 31, 2017 / BeagleCore™ was awarded 2nd place in the election for »Product of the Year 2017« by leading German magazine "Elektronik". In the "Embedded Design" category, the readers of Elektronik magazine awarded second place to BeagleCore module BCM1 – an unexpected award only two years after the Kickstarter campaign. Martin Steger received the certificate as a representative of the entire team during an award ceremony. "The success of BeagleCore could certainly not be foreseen," Steger said after receiving the award, "and together with our partners TURCK duotec and Conrad Electronic, we are very happy about this result."

    For the 19th time, leading german industry magazine Elektronik awarded the smartest and most innovative products in electronics. A total of 111 products were nominated "Product of the Year 2017" across 11 categories: Active Components, Passive Components, Electromechanics, Optoelectronics, Sensors, Power Supply, Automation, Development Software, Embedded Design, Measurement and Automotive.

  • BeagleCore offers quality »Made in Germany«

    Created, Designed and Made in GermanyMeinerzhagen, August 30, 2016 / One of our key goals with BeagleCore™ was to create a high quality module from design to manufacturing. To achieve this we have been partnering with innovative companies, always striving for maximum quality along with reasonable pricing. One of our most important partners in creating the BeagleCore™ BCM1 and BCS1 is TURCK duotec, a highly skilled Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing (E²MS) provider. We worked hand in hand from the original product idea right through to serial production.

    TURCK duotec GmbH, a member of TURCK Group, delivers high-end applications and solutions for automotive, industrial and building automation as well as for medical devices. Their continuous feedback and their inclination towards perfection have had a major impact on the development of the BeagleCore™ module. Together with TURCK duotec we are constantly moving forward. Our joint efforts in making the BeagleCore™ one of the leading industrial open-source modules for IoT have resulted in a fruitful partnership and in the long-run ensure innovation and quality 'Made in Germany'.

    BeagleCore™ has been created, designed and manufactured in Germany.

  • BeagleCore BCM1 and BCS1 available now

    BeagleCore™ BCM1 modules on a reelMeinerzhagen, June 22, 2016 / We are happy to announce that we have shipped the first batch of BeagleCore™ BCM1 and BCS1 to Conrad. Since there was a large number of pre-orders the first batch is already sold out. However within the next weeks we will replenish our stock and start delivering modules and starter-kits to all of you waiting.

    Here is a picture of a whole reel full BeagleCore™ BCM1, ready for delivery. You can place your order at the Conrad online-shop or get in touch with us if you require a bulk-quote.

  • Successful presentation of BeagleCore BCM1 and BCS1 at embedded world 2016

    Meinerzhagen, February 29, 2016 / Looking back at the embedded world 2016, BeagleCore™ was one of the main attractions according to renowned opinion leaders in embedded technologies. With products showing at the Conrad Electronic booth in hall 5 and at the iesy booth in hall 1 the BeagleCore™ gathered attention in a new target-audience called "professional makers". Further to this quite a number of journalists showed great interest in the BeagleCore™ module and starter-kit.

    You can now pre-order the BeagleCore™ BCM1 and BCS1 at the Conrad online-shop. In addition you will find several articles and videos showing the BeagleCore™ at the Conrad website and blog.

  • BeagleCore module and starter-kit for sale in April 2016

    Meinerzhagen, January 26, 2016 / BeagleCore™ today announced a world-wide distribution partnership with Conrad Electronics for the sale of its brand-new BeagleCore™ BCM1 module. From April 2016 on the BeagleCore™ module as well as the starter-kit will be exclusively sold through Conrad Electronics. The official presentation of the BeagleCore™ however will be in February at the embedded world in Nuremberg.

    BeagleCore™ BCM1 is a miniaturized computer module for industrial or commercial applications covering all core features of BeagleBone Black. It's just smaller and more focussed, but it still offers the same functionality for all the core features. You can build your own PCB using BeagleCore™ BCM1 as a soldering module. Simply develop everything using BeagleBone Black as a development-board and afterwards realize your product by using BeagleCore™. This makes BeagleCore™ ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions: it's small, it's simple, it's powerful and it follows proven industry standards.

    “Last year in August we failed in successfully funding the BeagleCore™ on Kickstarter. And a few days later we got in touch with Conrad Electronics and found the partner we were looking for to bring this new generation of computer on modules to market”, says Martin Steger, inventor of BeagleCore™, adding: “We are more than happy to cooperate with Conrad Electronics in this specific project. Not only did they provide important feedback on the development but also helped a lot in establishing a workflow from development to sales and support.”

    The first batch of 1.000 BeagleCore™ modules BCM1 and 500 BeagleCore™ starter-kits BCS1 will be available from April 2016 on through Conrad Electronics. “There must be a need for this type of product in the market because customers are asking for it”, explains Shawn Silberhorn, Supplier Business Development Manager at Conrad Electronic SE. “BeagleCore™ is absolutely unique when it comes to quality and compatibility. From the feedback we have seen since the Kickstarter campaign in July 2015 we knew that there is a large demand for this kind of module and now we are ready to serve this market.”

    Optionally it is planned to launch a BeagleCore™ module for an extended temperature range on request. With only 48 mm × 31 mm × 3.5 mm in size the BeagleCore™ module is designed to be a soldering module based on Land Grid Array. This makes the connection very reliable and cost effective. Customers who want to get started can either rely on the BeagleBone Black as a development-board or use the BeagleCore™ starter-kit consisting of the BeagleCore™ module and a base-board resembling features and look of the BeagleBone Black. Prices will start at 48 EUR for the module and 122.90 EUR for the starter-kit.

    Please note: Shipment of BeagleCore™ BCM1 and BCS1 to the United States of Ameria (USA) can be made solely through Rapid Electronics as part of the Conrad Group.

Who we are & Contact

We are a team of professionals with software & hardware background.
For several years we have been working together to help clients in developing and engineering high quality products for the industry. Ever since we put our hands on the first BeagleBone we were amazed by its simplicity and potential. However we could not use it for client projects because it lacked industry standards. So we decided to develop something new: BeagleCore.

Martin Steger

Martin Steger

Head of Everything
Hi, I'm Martin. I love Embedded Computing. Signature Martin
Viktor Mierau

Viktor Mierau

Hardware Developer
My name is Viktor. I always strive for perfection Signature Viktor
Christian Biermann

Christian Biermann

Software Developer
Hey there, I'm Christian. Ever since I've been addicted to Open Source Software. Signature Christian

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